Frye Art Museum and Artist Trust

The Raynier Institute & Foundation is supporting a consortium of two highly-regarded arts organizations – a granting agency and a free public museum – that support exceptional Washington State artists in distinct but complementary ways through a one-time grant of $1,100,000 million divided equally between the Frye Art Museum ($550,000) and Artist Trust ($550,000). The Frye Art Museum / Artist Trust Consortium will provide major impact quickly and effectively, serving as a national model of support for exceptional artists and collaborative projects. The grant fully funds the consortium’s programs for a five-year period thru 2018.

The goals of the project are:

  1. To create conditions for exceptional Washington State artists of all disciplines to advance their creative work
  2. To provide support structures that enable artists to develop and sustain their careers in the long term
  3. To create conditions for their work to be produced, exhibited and presented in an appropriate form and scale and to be preserved and documented as a cultural legacy
  4. To build community, strengthen civic imagination, and deepen relationships between exceptional Washington State artists and the communities in which they live

(Click here for PDF of Frye Art Museum / Artist Trust Consortium Project Description))

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