Livengrin Foundation

In October, 2018, Raynier granted  $250,000 to Livengrin Foundation for general operating funds to help patients and families struggling with the disease of addiction find help, hope, and healing.

Livengrin Foundation is dedicated to guiding people to lasting and meaningful recovery over substance abuse. Through targeted and successful treatment options, Livengrin aims to intervene in the cycle of addiction, to break the connection of use, abuse, and dependency, and to provide patients with a realistic goal of abstinence based recovery. Livengrin uses an individualized, evidence supported model where each patient’s unique circumstances are evaluated on a continuum and a level of care is determined. Based on that determination, Livengrin engages the patient in a clinical treatment plan inclusive of detox, residential care, and outpatient treatment in varying intensity.  Livengrin Foundation has carefully and confidentially assisted over 125,000 individuals determined to overcome their drug dependencies. In doing so, Livengrin Foundation has also given them the hope and promise of a new tomorrow.