Fraternal Order of Police Survivor’s Fund


In October 2020 Raynier granted $250,000 to the Fraternal Order of Police Survivor’s Fund.  The Fraternal Order of Police Charitable Foundation and Survivor’s Fund was established many years ago, not only to remember the sacrifice of each officer we have lost but to acknowledge the sacrifice made by each of their surviving families. Keeping the Survivor’s Fund going is contingent upon the generosity of donations made from citizens and businesses in and around the City of Philadelphia. This Fund not only pays for services around the time of the tragedy, but for special events and any financial hardship that may arise in the years to come.

Several times throughout the year, Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby sees to it that their Survivor’s Fund recognizes all the surviving spouses and children of over 280 fallen heroes; dating back as far as 1828. Special attention is given to their more recent families, helping them in any way they can to endure the pain of the new lifestyle that has been forced upon them.

The fund also provides financial support to the officers who have been seriously or catastrophically injured due to violent conditions they are subjected to as they protect and serve the citizens of Philadelphia. Lastly and what is often overlooked, the fund provides emotional support for our men and women, who are living heroes. These officers go out every day to fight crime so that we can live and work in a safe place. This Fund enables them to leave their families, go to work, knowing if they cannot return home, their families will be taken care of and they will not be forgotten.