Providence Regional Medical Center – Everett

In October 2021, Raynier granted $630,000 to Providence Regional Medical Center – Everett toward the development of a rooftop patio that will serve as a “Healing Space.”

It is essential for patients who are receiving inpatient psychiatric care to have access to outdoor space. An enclosed rooftop space will greatly benefit the health and healing of not only patients receiving psychiatric care but also other patients receiving acute care services at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, such as palliative care or hospice patients, if clinically appropriate. A connection with nature has healing properties for those struggling with any component of well-being, whether that is physical health or mental health.

The goal of the project is to promote health and well-being for patients with behavioral health concerns (including adolescents), as well as palliative, hospice, and pediatric patients. This will be achieved by constructing a 1600-square-foot rooftop patio on a former helipad at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA. The rooftop patio will have panoramic views of Puget Sound.