Telluride Jazz Festival Poster Art (2001)

What We Do

In the 1990s, James Widener Ray opened the Eagle Eye Gallery in Seattle to provide a venue for budding artists. This led to him formalize his role as a patron of the arts and explore a new role of philanthropist by founding the Raynier Institute & Foundation to support non-profit organizations serving the areas of animal welfare, arts and culture, education, the environment, and healthcare and human services.

Since 1994, Raynier Institute & Foundation has awarded over $51,438,000 to non-profit organizations, primarily in the areas around Seattle, WA, and Philadelphia, PA.

Regions Funded

Funds awarded between 1994-2020 by region: $51 million

Categories Funded

Funds awarded between 1994-2020 by category: $51 million



Public Information

Copies of Raynier Institute & Foundation’s recent annual tax returns may be viewed here:

2020 990 PF
2019 990 PF
2018 990 PF
2017 990 PF
2016 990 PF
2015 990 PF